How to Invite Christ
into Your Life

Dear Friend,
If God has convicted you of your need for Christ through any page on this site, or any other means, I encourage you to invite Him into your life. Here is a prayer that will help you make your decision:

"Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that I have sinned against You. I know now, that Your death on the cross was to pay for my sins. Therefore, I invite You into my life to be my personal Saviour and Lord. I realize that by having You, I have eternal life! I thank You for cleansing and forgiving me, and for filling me with Your Holy Spirit."

(Please record your decision somewhere for your own further reference.)

If you have received Christ into your life just now, we would also be happy to have you notify us so that we may send you literature and help you further. You may also request any of the free booklets listed below. If you are a child, please mention your age, so we may send things for your age group.

Use our Contact Us form to reach us with your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you!

Remember, we are going to need your mailing address to send your FREE booklet). The Gospel of John - a true account of the life of Jesus.

Free e-Booklets to download
Someone is Calling You - God has a message for you.
The Choice is Yours - The nature of the Christian life.


The Impact Canada Ministries Board has decided to designate a year of transitions. Some minstries are on hold, some are being turned over to others, and new ventures will be developed.

Our building is currently for sale, as it is too large for our scale of operations. All this implies many changes coming. Please pray for much grace and unity from the Lord, as we seek His will and how to make this mission MORE effective for His honour and glory.