Wisdom - for Intercession Reflections cover of the 4th issue in 2015


Reflections is the quarterly newsletter of Impact Canada Ministries Inc. (formerly, Western Tract Mission Inc., and the online edition can be found from this index page.

Please note that we are still in transition. The older issues - on webpages, on the old website, and the links below will take you there. The issues from this point forward will be here in a PDF format. This means you can view and read them online, or you can download and print them if you prefer. Iif you wish, you may print it out for it is our Printer Edition, from which we printed our mail-out copies.

Theme for 2015:
Wisdom - Praise and Worship to our God (printer Edition)
Wisdom - for Intercession (Printer Edition)
Wisdom - at Creation (Printer Edition)

The web-issues below are on
the old Western Tract Mission site:

Wisdon - Praise and Worship to our God
Wisdom - for Intercession
Wisdom - at Creation
Wisdom - Ask God for Wisdom
(Each link there takes you to that issue's index page - with links to the other pages)

Theme for 2014;
Jesus' Promises
I Will Come to Him
I Will Ask the Father
I Will Be in You
I Will Love Him

Theme for 2013:
Redeeming Grace
Keeping Grace
Enabling Grace
Transforming Grace


The Impact Canada Ministries Board has decided to designate a year of transitions. Some minstries are on hold, some are being turned over to others, and new ventures will be developed.

Our building is currently for sale, as it is too large for our scale of operations. All this implies many changes coming. Please pray for much grace and unity from the Lord, as we seek His will and how to make this mission MORE effective for His honour and glory.