About Impact Canada Ministries

Impact Canada Ministries, Inc., (founded as Western Tract Mission) by George W. Elliott, is an evangelical, interdenominational faith Mission organized in 1941, incorporated in 1952, registered with the Federal Government as a Charitable Organization with the Registration No. 0236992-47.

The Mission is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members of the Mission. The ownership and direction of the Mission is in the hands of the members. Staff allowances are established by the Board. Staff members are expected to raise their financial support.

Our ministries include;
(1) the production of tracts and follow-up literature,
(2) the operation of our own Bible Correspondence School and
(3) evangelism and discipleship through our Outreach Ministries Department. For further information as for the booklet Introducing You to Our World of Ministries.

American donors may receive Income Tax deductible receipts by sending contributions to:
The D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund Inc.
P.O. Box 1578, North Wales, PA 19454 USA.

Please make checks and money orders out to Stearn Missionary Fund enclosing a note indicating your donation is for Impact Canada Ministries, Inc. .

If ordering tracts or literture, please order directly from the Saskatoon office.

Our Mission would be glad of Reps to help us
promote the use of Christian literature. If you would like to do this in your area, please contact Director, Arnold Stobbe, using our contact page.


The Impact Canada Ministries Board has decided to designate a year of transitions. Some minstries are on hold, some are being turned over to others, and new ventures will be developed.

Our building is currently for sale, as it is too large for our scale of operations. All this implies many changes coming. Please pray for much grace and unity from the Lord, as we seek His will and how to make this mission MORE effective for His honour and glory.