our group of walkers in June 2014

Preparing for Walk-Jog-Pray for Jesus 2015

The Walkathon date is Saturday, June 27. (The weekend AFTER Father's Day; maybe we'll have less damp weather).

Our Vision and Purpose have not changed. Rather they are more lined up with our new name. So yes, we are having our Walkathon again, and you are heartily invited! Come walk WITH us, raising funds from your sponsors - or at the very least try to sponsor one of the other walkers.

Here is the Walkathon Sponsor Sheet 2015 you need to print out (as many copies as you need).

(also available on the old site).

Please note: you may come across links that don't work. That means they are still pointing to the old site. If you go to the old site, westerntractmission.org/index.shtml and look around for a similar page or link, you should find what you are looking for. The old site will remain up, even after this one is fully developed.

There IS HOPE!

There is HOPE

Would you like to read true stories of people who found HOPE? You can! Just open There is HOPE as a PDF file, (remember to right-click if you want to download it), on your computer with a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader, which may be on your computer already.

This is the the booklet that went out in our yearly mailings since 2007, to all of Saskatchewan and parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, then Prince Edward Island, and rural Nova Scotia. Our most recent mailing went to some urban centres in Nova Scotia in November.

You will also find still more testimonies of Hope on this site.

Inner Peace Factor

Inner Peace Factor (new)

Another booklet we send out to areas already covered with the Hope booklet, is Inner Peace Factor. You may read this 16 page booklet in the next few minutes by clicking this link (give it a bit of time as the file is 2.3 MB in size): Inner Peace Factor. If you wish to save it to your computer first, click on the title with the right side of your mouse and click "Save as..." on the little menu and guide it to your desktop or where you put downloaded e-books.

The Current issue (#1 of 2015) of Reflections is Online NOW!

If you would like to be on an email list to be Notified when the next issue of Reflections is online, please submit your email address in the subscribe form on the Reflections index page. (No charge!)

Note: You will receive a confirmation email asking you to click a link to confirm that you really asked for this. This is to guard against someone putting your email in without your knowledge. If you do not confirm your email does NOT show up on this private list.


The Impact Canada Ministries Board has decided to designate a year of transitions. Some minstries are on hold, some are being turned over to others, and new ventures will be developed.

Our building is currently for sale, as it is too large for our scale of operations. All this implies many changes coming. Please pray for much grace and unity from the Lord, as we seek His will and how to make this mission MORE effective for His honour and glory.